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Gesret Therapy

a solution for asthma.

300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma. 

Gesret Jacques began his research on asthma in 1974 after his 10 year old son Frank died due to an asthma attack. He found a therapeutic protocol that allows the symptoms to disappear in more than 90% of cases, in 3 to 4 sessions of manual therapy.

For children, the results are usually immediate and in adults, recovery is closely related to the age of the person and the age of the disease. Nevertheless, even in the most difficult cases, it can give the patient a better quality of life.

Asthma according to Jacques R. Gesret

„In no ways, the cause of asthma can be considered as being a permanent inflammatory status of the lung tissues, as it would be considered in traditional medicine”, says Jacques Gesret. Indeed, an inflammation is not the cause but a defensive answer. Asthma is a normal reaction from the body on abnormal information supposed coming from the pulmonary plexus (= nerve fibers of the lungs). This is also called «phantom information» or false information. 

This false information is better known in cases of amputation, where pain is still felt at the place of the amputated limb. This «confusing» information occurs because abnormal nerve signals are sent from a nerve ganglion. This ganglion receives also information from different organs, tendons, muscles, joints and skin tissues. Now, if we disturb a nerve on its way, then stimuli will be sent to the nerve endings at the place of the organs or structures they are connected with. 

In the case of asthma, the false information comes from the subluxations of specific rib joints (first three ribs).

Is it always true asthma, what is being classified as asthma? 

Jacques Gesret discovered that there exist two kinds of breathing difficulties: one that contains an expiration problem (classical asthma) and a second that contains an inspiration problem (spasm of the pharynx, in 50% of the cases falsely diagnosed as a true asthma). This inspiration problem contains those patients who are complaining of irritations in the throat (sensory disturbances in the throat) causing a small, dry cough reflex especially during the night and which continues in a strong spasm of the pharynx which holds the inspired air firmly. This problem is caused by an irritation of a nerve (Glossopharyngeal nerve) evoked by a false position of the first cervical vertebra (atlas). Both types of problems can be treated with his method.


Jacques Gesret showed in his book in 1996 the relation between mechanical disturbances of the first thoracic segments, their influence on the nerve system and the disruption of the answers of the immune system. Normalization of these mechanical disturbances stops the false information coming from these nerves, whereby the answers from the immune system will normalize within a few weeks.

Skin diseases 

Here also, the basic principle is the same: blocked joints send false information via nerve fibers to the corresponding skin zones.
The defense mechanism of the body will react in those skin areas that are overexcited. 
There exists a strong accordance between eczema and psoriasis since eczema can be psoriasiform and psoriasis can be eczematiform. In such a case both nerve vessels from pancreas and liver will be disturbed via the 9th thoracic vertebra.
The treatment strategies are equal to those for asthma. 

Eczema can disappear in a period of about 3 weeks. Psoriasis needs a cycle of three treatments, once a week in the beginning and some treatments if necessary one or two months later.

Before the treatment

After 6 weeks

After 4 months

Alexander Lammers van Toorenburg
is a 2nd degree Gesret practitioner and has been trained
by Jaques Gesret personally. 
He is working since 2001 successfully with this method.

Photo from the 2nd degree training in Zaragoza. 
In the centre is Jaques Gesret.

The video below gives you more detailed information about the Gesret Method. If you suffer from respiratory problems or know someone how does, we recommend that you take some time to watch it.

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