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Neuro Emotional Integration

is a new and revolutionary emotional therapy.
It can treat emotional, psychological and physical problems in a way so simple and powerful, that you won't believe it, unless you have experienced it yourself. 
When you suffer from fears, nervousness, stress, unwanted behavior or other problems influencing the quality of your life in a negative way, then NEI can help you change this. 

What can it be used for? 

NEI can be used for treating any form of psychical, psychological, psychosomatic complaints and emotional problems. Think for instance of stress, nervousness, fears and phobias, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. But also for changing any form of unwanted behavior, quitting smoking, getting permanently slim and even learning and reading problems. NEI is great to work on things such as improving self-confidence, life attitude, being more successful in business and private life. It can be used as a very effective and powerful supplement to any other form of physical, psychological or emotional therapy and has been proven to work very effectively in the treatment of chronic illness. Furthermore NEI is a perfect method to help put your body, mind and spirit together, to achieve your goals in any aspect of your life.

How does it work? 


Our behavior comes from our experiences in the past. Our whole life is recorded in our mind. The way our memories are stored in basically in two forms: Images and feelings. If you think back at a time or situation when you felt really happy, the good feeling will come back to you. Think about a person who you are angry at, and you will feel angry again, think about a situation when you where really embarrassed and you might even start to blush again.


Our subconscious mind always looks for reference points in our life. So in any situation your mind will go back in your past to find references in your past. When it finds such a situation, not only the image is triggered, but also the feelings. Many of these experiences stem from our childhood. But a child’s perception of reality is very different though from that of an adult. Therefore these memories might be completely irrelevant, or be the opposite of what we want. They do however influence our behavior and the way we feel. Remember that this happens on a subconscious level, so it’s very hard to control.

We all get “programmed” in our life. By our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, our religion etc. Very often this is a negative and limiting programming. Research has shown that an average child of 15 years has heard some 200.000 times that he is stupid, nasty, can’t do anything right, is ugly, and many more. The earlier this starts, the deeper is the influence on our self image, and the more constricting it will work. 

So it might happen, for instance, that when you get criticized, that references from childhood situations, of being criticized by parents or teachers, will pop up. As a child we might have felt rejected and un-loved. This current situation will make you feel rejected and un-loved again. Your reaction might be one of defense and denial or you might even get blocked completely and not be able to defend yourself. This makes that you are not open to the critics (whether they are true or not) and will obstruct communication.

With NEI you kan come to know the cause of the problem, solve it an check that it has been solved.

NEI works with kinesiology.

Kinesiology works with a “muscle test”. 
If you have ever seen in a movie a person having to undergo a lie detector test, this person gets connected to a machine that records physical reactions to the answers given. From these reactions it is possible to tell whether this person is lying or not. So evidently our body reacts to what we do or say. 

Kinesiology uses the same principle in the form of a “muscle test”. If you say something that you are not ok with, you stress yourself. This stress will influence your body energy and you will loose some of your muscle strength. Your muscle will go weak, as we say. If you say something that is true however, your body will react with a strong muscle. Everybody can feel the difference immediately.

Depending on the goal of the treatment, the therapist will choose a certain "entry". This can be a sentence pronounced by the patient, but it can also be a certain experience or situation remembered or a painful spot on the body, which is being touched. The test will react to this by showing a weak muscle. The difference between a strong and a weak muscle works as a Yes/No principle. With this test, its possible to decide which the exact issues are, that are blocking you. 

Illness, whether physical or mental, is a signal of the body that something is wrong. The body wants you to do something about this. And by simply "asking" your body by means of the muscle test it will tell what is wrong. Once it is clear what is blocking you, with the help of some simple techniques the blocking feelings can be disconnected from the past reference situations. The experience is no longer a blockage, conscious and subconscious mind will work together, and the road is clear for new behavior.

Extensive research on the Psychology Faculty of the University of Utrecht (Holland) has proven that NEI is very effective, compared to other forms of emotional therapy. The result where so good, that, based on the report, all mayor health insurance companies in The Netherlands decided to pay for the treatments. NEI is an officially registered and recognized therapy.

This therapy was developed by Dr. Roy Martina. Caroline and Alexander have studied 4 years with Dr. Martina and where amongst the first officially recognized therapist to work with NEI and they both have more then 20 years op professional experience with and have treated numerous people with it successfully. 

We realize that this all might sound a bit weird to you. The same thing happened to many others who, like yourself, came across Neuro Emotional Integration for the first time.
It is because NEI goes beyond the traditional paths that it conceives extraordinary results.

Do you want to know what NEI can do for you? 
 Call 0034 - 928 518 527

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